Prague blog, accompanied by a plethora of wine


My friends and I at the Chianti vineyard in Tuscany

SO my last week (plus a few days) have been crazy great. First of all I traveled to Prague. It is a land straight out of a fairy tale, with brightly colored buildings, a flowing river, a castle on top of a hill and some wonderful sweet treats. Through the drizzle and chill of the Czech weather I managed to navigate the city and see/taste my way through its heart. 1 crown (Czech currency) is about $25… so I was pretty satisfied with the prices of my pretzels and beer. Seeing the John Lennon wall was awesome. It felt great to be in the presence of an emblem of such peace and freedom. Prague is brimming with history and charisma. From the technicolor stained glass in its castle’s cathedral to the old Jewish quarter that has a mass grave site from World War Two. The quarter wasn’t destroyed during the war because Hitler wanted to make it into a museum dedicated to an “extinct race” (the Jewish population). A sick and twisted reason that has provided us with a phenomenal commemoration to the people that lost their lives based upon their own spiritual inclinations, a liberty that I so often take for granted.

After some more beer and goulash I hopped back on the bus to take me back to Florence. For lunch we stopped at a truck stop in Austria and as I ate my cheese and arugula sandwich on the side of the highway while looking up into the eyes of the beautiful alps, I closed my eyes, feeling the sunshine on my face and thought about my desire to live life to the fullest and how happy I am that I am on the right track!

After getting back to Florence my week was slammed with rain (lots of rain) and school work. On Wednesday I went to a wine tasting in town, where we also tasted 35 year old balsamic (AMAZING), extra virgin olive oil, 2 red wines and a white wine. Not to mention the salami, prosciutto and cheese. It was a pretty great night. I also learned how to correctly hold white wine verses red wine and how to properly drink them (don’t worry, mom and dad i’ll show you how;) Then on Friday I got to go to another wine tasting, this one was in Tuscany (about 40 minutes away from Florence) on the Chianti vineyard at a castle. Chianti is a red wine that is very famous in Tuscany, because that’s where it comes from, and let me tell you it is amazing. Chianti Classico is the best and main wine of the region. We got a tour of the cellar, a giant lunch and fantastic views.

The sun is out and I am embracing it. So much for Italy being the land of sun, it rains constantly here. I am preparing for my midterms and working on research papers, but also not forgetting to live la dolce vita.

Ciao for now!



At the vineyard


Store room, where they hang the grapes (the long poles on the right)


One view of the land



The vineyard



A few of the barrels where Chianti Classico is being made. These barrels are all French oak and just for the empty barrel cost upwards of $12,000




Astronomical clock in Prague’s old town square


Prague castle in the background



Prague cathedral 


The old ancestors of Prague



Stained glass within the cathedral in Prague



A delicious, circular pastry, famous in Prague with a rose from my waiter


The room where I did wine tasting in Florence 


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