Didn’t see the Queen, but London treated me like I was her Majesty


3 of London’s favorite things all in one picture!!! A telephone booth, Big Ben and me!


My HUGE fish and chips and mushy peas (green thing that looks like guacamole but tastes evil)



Look Mom, I made friends!!!



Weird ducks, scary eyes, too friendly for comfort or a prolonged photo..

kensignton gardens

Kensington Gardens

SO after a few tears, an oddly delicious shrink wrapped airplane meal and standing alone in Heathrow airport for 40 minutes looking for my ride, I arrived in London! After discovering that I forgot my adapter, I made friends with my roommate, Vanessa, who graciously let me charge my phone. Two other girls, Grace and Leanne, who flew with my roommate from Dallas, Vanessa and I set out on our first mini exploration of our much greater adventure. We walked all through Kensington Gardens, stopping to see many very friendly birds, monuments (Peter Pan, Princess Diana’s fountain etc). We got back to our hotel and spent the night in, going to sleep at 9 pm. Jet lag hasn’t been too bad, it’s just been stranger to convert my current time to that of home, thinking about what I would be doing at that time back in the States and what my loved ones are up to.

On Tuesday (the 19th), I woke up at 8 am and was on a tour bus by 9 am. We traveled all over, learning fun facts about London’s biggest staples. We saw Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, Covent Gardens, London Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey  and all the streets in between. Our bus dropped us off in the center of London and we walked our way around the city successfully, eating and laughing along the way. We used the Tube with success, only one wrong train was caught… We got back to our hotel at 7 pm and headed out to a local pub to have a “traditional English kitchen dinner”. I got fish and chips (image included) the fish was huge, but oh so good on a blistery cold night in London.

This morning (Wednesday the 20th) I boarded a bus to take me back to Heathrow and off to Rome at 6 am. And after a beautiful flight through the clouds and over the alps I have arrived in Rome (my temporary home for the next 5 days). The view out of my hotel is stunning. Wonderfully tall and colored buildings surround the alley my window is above. Each terrace has a lush garden and trellises that would make Romeo jealous. I opened my window to get some fresh air and with the fresh air came the voice of an elderly woman yelling Italian from her window to her pals on the street as they yelled back, I smiled, deciding that they must be yelling about how incredible their city is and how rich their culture feels, and not about what was for dinner or wether they had seen her cat lately.

I will update my blog after my travels in Roma (as the Italians say). Until then, it is nap time and of course pasta time after that, ciao!

Here’s to getting lost a few more times and finding myself again in a new country. Thanks for everything London, give me all you got Roma!

Love and miss you all. Wishing you were here to experience everything with me.




  1. Gerald Peterson · January 20, 2016

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Jenna · January 20, 2016

    Lillers!! I LOVE your writing and adventures thus far. You are full of kindness and love and those are the people you will find yourself surrounded by on this amazing journey. Eats lots, sleep well and travel safe. We love and miss you tons😘

    Liked by 1 person

    • lilyrisken · January 20, 2016

      Love you Jenners! Miss you tons! Thanks for the good vibes 🙂 I promise you I am eating lots and traveling safe… the whole sleeping part will come later hopefully haha


  3. Dad · January 20, 2016

    Nice blogging Lil! looking forward to more updates and food photos(the good and the bad!).


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